Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The Better Way

Deacon Pierce homily given on July 21, 16th Sunday Ordinary Time

M&M candies: who doesn’t like them? They melt in our mouths, not in our hands, so the tagline goes.  M&Ms are like Martha and Mary who are the chocolate M&M sisters in today’s Gospel. These women have different M&M-colored shells, so to speak. They have different appearances and behaviors described to us by Luke.

Martha is burdened with much serving. She’s anxious and worried as she rushes to prepare their home for a meal – one we can assume is for a house-church service, typical of Luke’s time near the end of the first century. We can just imagine Martha’s hair in disarray with sweat pouring down her forehead.  Mary, on the other hand, seems calm, cool, collected, and she quietly listens to Jesus.

Martha and Mary give us a close-up view of two ways to follow Jesus. Luke shows us through these two sisters the red M&M way and the green M&M way – the red way of Martha involves passion, fire, and leadership with the green way of Mary being about life, love, and hope.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Good, Better, Best ~ Deacon Dominic Messina

We’re all familiar with the terms, Good, Better, Best. We use these categories often and in many ways. For example, There was a parish priest who was leaving one Congregation, to go to another. Almost everyone liked him because he was a Good Priest.  On his last Sunday, After Mass, he stood at the doors of the church, and as the people left they all wished him well. One woman shook his hand and said, “ We will all miss you.” He replied modestly, “Oh, thank you, but I’m sure that The bishop  will find you someone Better to replace me.” She replied, “That’s what he promised us, last time.”     Yes  Good and   Better

As another example let us take my favorite topic, Food. You’re at a restaurant with friends, and you’re the only one who has been there before. The dessert cart comes around, and you say to your companions as you point, “This one is good, I like that one a little bit better, but the one over there, that’s the Best!” yes, Good, Better, Best. You see, Value rankings are important to us. We’re taught early in life that Bad is the enemy of Good. However, in our constant struggle between good choices and bad choices, we all too frequently opt for the bad ones. Then we repent, we recommit ourselves to the good, and we are Satisfied. But we continue doing the same things over and over again.