Thursday, May 22, 2014

Crabby Day ~ Msgr. Daniel Hoye

Readings for Today

There is a cartoon that has Charlie Brown leaving Lucy's house and running into Snoopy.  He says to Snoopy "Avoid her at all costs today...she's having a crabby day!"  But Snoopy, instead of turning around and going the other way, continues on.  When Lucy opens the door, Snoopy gives her a big kiss and says "that's how you end a crabby day."

There are some spiritual writers who get at the same thing, Charles Schultz had a lot of depth in his little cartoons.  Spiritual writers would say you can not wait for someone to become lovable to love them.  If you only want to love the lovable, that's not really answering the Gospel challenge to love one another.

How is it that we can end the "crabby" today?

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