Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Focused & Clear ~ Msgr. Daniel Hoye

Readings for Today's Homily

Like many of you, I’ve been to many meetings.  Usually, the next day I couldn’t tell you anything significant from the meeting that took place the day before!  Well whenever I hear this reading from the Acts of the Apostles about Paul preaching to the Areopagus about the Unknown God, I’m transported back to a meeting that took place about 30 years ago.  The topic was communication and evangelization.

The man who was speaking was Archbishop Fulton Sheen – he was an old man at the time, but boy he was still the same Sheen that you hear on TV!  He said that Paul tried to get too fancy in his preaching – that he was talking about the Unknown God – trying to seduce the Athenians into becoming believers.  And while he had a few converts, it wasn’t very successful.  Then he said at the end, Paul leaves to go to Corinth, and we read in one of the letters to the Corinthians that Paul says, “I will preach nothing but Christ and Him crucified.”  Sheen made the point that he went from this fancy approach to the real basic approach – focus on Christ.

Maybe you and I, as we hear this right before the Feast of the Ascension, can ask ourselves, is our message focused?  Is our message clear – that we preach nothing but Christ and Him crucified?

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