Thursday, April 20, 2017

Lonely Giant

Earth Day is almost upon us, and a USA Today piece just caught my eye.  A few children’s books about the beauty of our Earth are described.  One is “The Lonely Giant.”   Now with three grandchildren, I’ve got to spend some time finding those “good reads” with meaning for the little ones.   Although I’ve long been aware of “The Lonely Giant,” it never was on my “must read” list.

Being a giant living in a forest, he rips up trees.   The animals living in the woods start to disappear.    When the giant finds himself in a wasteland and finds one last yellow bird, he cages it.  But the bird grows sad and no longer sings.  He releases the bird and decides to replant the forest.  The animals return.

It’s a simple story with an important message for young and old.  Our destructiveness is the result of lack of unawareness and thoughtlessness.   The giant is saved by a little bird that shows him love.  There is no scolding.

Earth Day should not be about scolding, but about celebrating our Earth.  When we celebrate our Earth, we celebrate creation and God’s work.    Our creator God  is the source of life and love, and, as a result, we experience God when we live life to the fullest and love.  We must never allow ourselves to be lonely.

Deacon David Pierce

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