Thursday, June 15, 2017

To Boldly Go

Daniel Nunes is now a transitional deacon well on his way to becoming a priest.   He said his thanks to all of us this past weekend after delivering a homily about the Trinity – not a very easy subject to explain.  We all wish him well with his Fall River assignment and whatever else comes his way.   

Being a devoted Star Trek fan with a rather thorough knowledge of the series and subsequent movies, he shared with me his appreciation of Star Trek characters and plots.  I’m also a fan with many years of devotion to Captain Jean Luke Picard (my favorite) with Spock being the ever-present provider of wisdom and logic. 

“Live long and prosper” was Mr. Spock’s way of saying, “So long and farewell.”   Consequently, I couldn’t resist slightly changing that farewell to reflect what Dan must now do as a deacon and later as a priest.    Actually, it’s advice we all should take to heart.  

Deacon David Pierce 

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