Friday, September 29, 2017

Feast Of Angels

God is my strength – Gabriel.  He who is like God – Michael.   God heals – Raphael.    These are the well-known archangels, and today is their feast.  

God should always be our strength.  God is always there, even when we may be unsure.    God can be found in silence and in the sounds of everyday life.    The noise of children and the music of our choir provide occasions for God’s voice.  God lifts us when we’re down and helps us battle the demons that tempt and hurt us.  Help us Gabriel!

God wants us to follow the Son and to be like him.   Forgive!  Love!  Protest injustice!   Feed the hungry!  Be like God, except use the arms and legs God has given us to do God’s will.   We are the Body of Christ.   Michael, help us act like God!

Heal those who are hurting, including ourselves.   Deal with the bruises, and take the blows.  Know that the pain of emotional hurt and lost loves will vanish with time.  God is our salve.   Heal us Raphael!

We can all be archangels or at least angels and not in heaven, but on earth.   We just need to unfold and spread our wings.  There are many needing  to be sheltered under our wings.  

Deacon David Pierce

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