Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Bishop Robert Barron

Robert Barron’s series on Catholicism recently was completed at Christ the King.  A description of the video series went like this:  “For the first time, in breathtaking and high-definition cinematography, the truth, goodness, and beauty of Catholicism are illustrated in a multimedia experience.  Journey with Bishop Robert Barron to more than 50 locations throughout 16 countries.  Be illuminated by the spiritual and artistic treasures of this global culture that claims more than one billion of the earth's people. Learn what Catholics believe and why.  Discover the full meaning of the faith.”

The series was based on his 2011 book “Catholicism: A Journey to the Heart of the Faith.”   A more recent book (2017) of his written with John Allen, Jr. was “To Light a Fire on the Earth: Proclaiming the Gospel in a Secular Age.”

I recommend visiting his website “Word on Fire.”  Bishop Barron has a very well stated position/opinion on sexual abuse by priests and our Church’s grossly inadequate way of dealing with that abuse – alleged and real.  View his videos dealing with this issue.  You’ll find an intelligent response with no pulled punches.   Search for “Robert Barron sexual abuse video.”

Deacon David Pierce

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