Tuesday, October 23, 2018


SUNDAY Children's Homily

Who knows the fairy tale called Cinderella?  Did she have any sisters?   How many?  She has two sisters – one named Drizella and one called Anastasia.  Were her sisters kind to her?  No, they were very mean.  They only cared about themselves and no one else.  They were selfish.

Remember that Cinderella lived with her stepmother and sisters. She had to work hard all day long so the others could rest.  They would not help her. She woke up each morning when it was still dark and cold to start the fire. She cooked the meals and kept the fire going.  Poor Cinderella could not stay clean because she was covered with ashes and cinders from the fire. That’s how she got her name Cinderella.

Where did the two sisters go, and Cinderella was told she couldn’t go too?  They went to the ball – a big dance .  And who did they go to see?   The Prince.  The King and Queen felt it was time for their son, the Prince, to get married.  They thought he would find someone to love at the dance.  All of the young ladies in the kingdom were invited to come.  They hoped the Prince would like them. 

The two sisters, Drizella and Anastasia,  wanted to sit next to the prince – one to be on his left and the other on his right. These two sisters wanted the prince to pick them. They wanted to be first.  They wanted everyone to say: look at those two they must be special because they sit next to the prince – on his left and on his right.

Now, let’s remember what we heard in today’s Gospel – what I just said to everyone.  I spoke of two sons (not two sisters) of a man called Zebedee.  James and John were their names.  And what did they want?  What did they ask Jesus?   Do you remember?

They asked if one could sit on Jesus’ left and the other on his right.  They wanted Jesus to pick them. They wanted to be first just like Drizella and Anastasia.  What did Jesus say to them?  He said “NO!” 

He said the great people are the ones who act like servants – meaning the great people are those who help others, who show them kindness – such as those who help the poor and those who are sad and crying; who don’t have anyone to play with; who are lonely and scared.  They are the ones who help friends and try to make those friends smile and laugh. That’s who Jesus wants sitting on his left and on his right – NOT those who think they are special and just want to be first.

Who warned Cinderella that she had to leave the ball to get back home before midnight?  Her fairy godmother.  What would happen if she didn’t leave the ball by midnight?  Her beautiful dress would turn to rags and her horse-drawn carriage would turn back into a pumpkin pulled by mice.

The clock started to strike 12, so what did she do?  She ran down the steps outside the castle, and what did she lose?  Her glass slipper.  Who found the slipper?  The Prince.  He had fallen in love with Cinderella, but she jumped into the carriage and rode away.

How did the prince find her?   The Prince took the slipper and when it fit a young girl’s foot, he knew it had to be Cinderella.  He would find the girl he loved.

Now who is called the Prince of Peace.   Jesus.  This prince wants to find you.  How does he find you?   Is he looking for lost glass slippers or lost sneakers?  No, he doesn’t have to; he always knows where you are.

Where does he find you?  Here in this church; in school, at home, outside where you play – everywhere you go   And he doesn’t have to see if a slipper or shoe fits.

Do you know why?  Put your finger on your chests.  It’s because Jesus is in here (point to chest)

Our Prince of Peace – Jesus – is always in your hearts and right there with you because that’s where love is found.  He loves you.  He is always with you asking you to be kind and helpful.

Your homework for next week is to do at least one kind thing for someone.  Father Marek and I will do one too.

Deacon David Pierce

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