Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Treat Not Trick

I write this blog the day after the fantastic win of the Boston Red Sox over the Los Angeles Dodgers.  But, today is Halloween.   We have a great treat – no tricks, although the Yankees, Astros, and now the Dodgers must feel they were tricked in some way.   Great pitching and timely hitting made us feel like the Great Pumpkin had risen and appeared in our Boston pumpkin patch, and we now have that World Series trophy! 

The Red Sox win gives evidence of what can be accomplished with teamwork, belief in oneself, and leadership giving everyone respect and leading with a positive attitude.   Similarly, that’s what Christ asks of all of us. 

But in Jesus’ case, he offers no trophy for what we do on his behalf.  Rather, he asks us to seek the reward one gets by going door-to-door of those in need, not to say “trick or treat” and get something, but to say, "I’m here to give and help you."   In a way when we do this our Halloween costume is that of our MVP, Jesus Christ (not Sox player Steven Pearce).  Our not-so-spooky costume should be worn every day.

Deacon David Pierce     

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