Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Energized by the Spirit ~ Msgr. Daniel Hoye

Readings for Today's Homily

It may seem that we have been reading from the Farewell Discourse forever - hearing over and over again, I will have to leave you but will not leave you orphaned.  One more day, tomorrow,  we are in the 16th Chapter of John.

I think that we can identify with the unease of the disciples at times.  You can see why Jesus is trying to calm them down over and over again; It will be okay - I won't be here myself, but the Advocate will come.

​From our perspective, 2000 years later, we are grateful for the promise and the reality of the Advocate; the presence of the​ Spirit of God in our midst, in our community.  We really do have to celebrate what we have received from the Lord; that we have been saved by the Christ and we are energized by the Spirit.

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