Friday, March 2, 2018


When next  we begin a new month we will be celebrating Easter so the time that remains to us in this season of Lent will certainly pass quickly.  Thus now is a good time to reassess our faithfulness to  the disciplines of prayer,  fasting, and almsgiving that are prescribed to us as penance and meant to  foster our ongoing conversion during the 40 days  of  Lent.     Have we increased the time we spend in personal and communal prayer?   Have we succeeded in saying no to our appetites  more frequently by fasting and self denial ?   Has our self denial allowed us to  save money  that can be given to the agencies  designated to benefit from our almsgiving  this Lent; St. Vincent de Paul, Catholic Relief Services, and Food for the Poor - El Tablon Project.   Let the fruitfulness of  this  Lent be assured as we redouble our efforts now before its days run out!  STATIONS AND A SIMPLE SUPPER on  Friday, March 23rd beginning at 5PM  is a perfect way for us to celebrate our solidarity in the disciplines of Lent as we Pray- The Stations of the Cross,  Fast at a Simple Supper of soup, salad, bread and jello and permit the  free will offering  which we make for the supper to b generous enough to cover not only the  cost of our meal but to also be a means also  to Give Alms  to the  three charities  that we have designated as beneficiaries of our alksgiving  this Lent. 

WOMEN AND MEN'S  CONFERENCE:  On this coming Saturday, March 10th at Stonehill College:  Those who have signed up for the bus should be prepared to leave at  7:30 AM   from our parking lot  and expect to return  here at approximately  6:30 PM.   As of now there are 20 spaces still  left on the bus. Those registring through the parish office pay only $25 which includes the cost of the conference and the bus transportation;  all registrations should be completed no later than Wednesday.

PLAN AHEAD:  In order to accommodate the celebration of 3 Masses in the Church on
Easter Sunday  before noon  the Mass Schedule for Easter Sunday will be: 8:00 AM -9:30 AM -11:00 AM . Please note that this change is  for Easter only and make your plans  for the celebration of Easter with family and friends accordingly.   

ITALY  ON SALE, March 11th- 22nd, 2019:  Fr. Healey has just  completed arrangements for an  "off season" pilgrimage to Italy which will include Venice-Padua- Florence- Assisi- Orviedo- and Rome including attendance at a Papal Audience  for  the reasonable price of $3279.00. Mark your calendars now and soon flyers will be available

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